When will the sutures come out?

Chromic sutures usually dissolve in 5-10 days.

When can I get it wet?

Usually it is okay to shower the next day.

When can I take off the bandage?

The next day.

The inner layer of the Vaseline gauze is stuck to me. What do I do?

Get in the shower and wet the bandage, or put hydrogen peroxide on the bandage to loosen any dried blood that may be causing it to stick to the sutures. It is okay to leave it for another day, and it will likely just fall off.

I pulled my bandage off even though it was stuck. Now it is bleeding. What do I do next?

Just put a clean gauze pad around the area that is bleeding. Place the area that is bleeding in the palm of your hand and apply gentle, circumferential pressure on it, and it will stop bleeding in just a few minutes.

My circumcision is really swollen more on day 2 than it was yesterday. Do I need to be concerned?

It is quite normal for the swelling to be worse 1-2 days after the circumcision. This will go down over 1-2 weeks.

The skin is dry and peeling on the head of my penis after my circumcision. Is that normal?

Yes. It was used to being moist all the time, and now it must get used to the air drying it out. It will peel like a sunburn and then heal itself.

When can I have sex?

It is best to wait 4 weeks. If you cannot wait, please use a condom and plenty of lubricating, water-soluble jelly. If not well lubricated, you can pull the whole incision apart.