Uretheral Stents

My stent hurts. When can I have it out?

Ureteral stents are to keep the ureter from obstructing and causing renal colic. How long the stent is left in is based on what surgery you had. Premature removal can harm your kidney.

Is there a string on my stent to remove it?

There may be a string on the stent out the urethra for removal in the office.
If there is no string, it was likely removed at the time the stent was placed, and you will need cystoscopic removal in the office.

I had a string, but it’s gone now. What should I do?

Don’t worry, the string will usually reappear with the next urination. If it does not come back out of the urethra, it can be removed cystoscopically.

The stent’s string is now very long, and I can’t control my urination. What do I do?

You should call the office. You have accidentally pulled the string, and the stent is not in the proper position. Dr. Black will need to decide if it is okay to remove it early or if it needs to be replaced.