Turp or Tur Bladder Tumor

How long will this bleed?

It may bleed off and on for 2 weeks. It may also quit in 2-3 days and have minor re-bleeding at 10-14 days when the internal scab comes off.

Will I have a catheter?

Usually, there is no catheter. If you have a catheter, it is because your bladder was thin. Your bladder needs to heal for 5-7 days before the catheter can be removed.

When will I get the pathology report?

It usually takes the pathologist 2-4 days to return a report.

When will the spasms go away?

Usually in a few days, but they may last 1-2 weeks.

How long will I have blood in my urine?

Usually for a few days, but it may last up to 2 weeks. If you are on a blood thinner and it can not be stopped temporarily, the blood may last up to 6 weeks.