Stone Prevention

How can I prevent future stones?

Drink at least enough water or non-caffeine containing fluid to make two liters of urine a day.

Can I take calcium supplements?

Yes, but they should be limited to 1,000-1,500 mg per day. Calcium citrate with vitamin D is the preferred supplement in stone formers.

Is there a special stone diet?

Each person is different. Please make an appointment to discuss a stone diet. We do have a diet sheet for calcium oxalate stone formers.

Is it true that cranberry juice prevents stones?

No. While it may help with UTIs, cranberry juice and cranberry extract tablets can cause kidney stones.

So, do I need to cut out all dairy products and calcium?

No. You need a normal calcium diet. Both very low and very high calcium diets can cause stones.

Do Cokes/sodas cause kidney stones?

Caffeine causes kidney stones, so decaffeinated drinks are better. Lemonade and orange juice may prevent stones by increasing the citrate in your urine.