Prostate Biopsy

Is this done in the hospital or the office?

A prostate biopsy is done in the office.

May I have it under general anesthesia?

Most insurance will not approve this due to the significant increase in the cost of doing it in the hospital.

Will I be put to sleep?

No. Anesthetic is injected locally through the ultrasound probe to numb the area of the prostate before the biopsies are taken.

How long will I be out of work?

Usually, the day of the procedure and the following day is enough.

Will there be any bleeding?

There may be blood in the urine for a few days, or off and on for 2 weeks. The same goes for rectal bleeding. Blood in the semen is usually red, then turns brown over time and may last for up to 2 months.

Do I need antibiotics?

Yes, you do. You should start the morning of the biopsy and continue until all the medicine is gone, usually for 5 days.

Do I have to have an enema? Why can’t I just take a laxative?

An enema just cleanses the rectum where the probe contacts the prostate. A laxative may cause liquid stool which would coat the probe and cause the procedure to be rescheduled.

When will I get my test results?

We usually make a 1-week follow-up appointment to check you for urine infections and to go over your pathology test results.